This is probably the most common question asked and yet the most difficult to answer. Our experience has shown that demand in your market and the cash flow from operations are the two most significant factors related to faster sales. On average, most opportunities will sell within six months to one year of being placed on the market. However, depending on the two factors mentioned above as well as other factors, some will sell in significantly less time. Conversely, some more complicated transactions may take significantly longer.

Transactions requiring third-party (bank) financing on average take longer to close. Mainly because of the increased amounts of paperwork and due diligence requirements. This is even more the case when real estate is involved.  This is not to say that 100% cash transactions necessarily move through the process more rapidly. They can, due to less constraints and requirements, however, our experience has shown that when all of the financing is being provided by the purchaser that they tend to be much more cautious and thorough in their due diligence.