How does your firm advertise and still maintain the confidentiality of my school?

As a company that specializes in the early education industry, we understand and appreciate the extreme need for confidentiality. We put tremendous effort into branding our company as a specialty firm and as such we are always looking for qualified buyers for facilities of all types and sizes.  Most of our marketing is non specific in nature. We will never advertise your name or address to the general public.

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Your company is located in North Carolina and my center is located in another state, how are you able to sell my school?

Selling a childcare business is much different than selling a residential home or other type of commercial property. In order to maximize the confidentiality of the sale, certain common elements of traditional brokerage are not utilized in the sale of a child care center. As a firm that specializes in childcare opportunities, we have developed a unique set of procedures that we follow for every transaction no matter where the center is located. It is important to note that once we have determined that the contemplated transaction is viable, we will schedule a time that is convenient for you (day, evening or weekend) to meet at your facility to conduct an onsite tour and consultation.

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